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Misty Slopes

Interested in joining the 7am  family?

At 7am, you can enjoy being at work

At 7am, our goal is to elevate the nail industry by fostering a People-First Culture. What does this mean?

We believe that the only way to create happy customers is to have happy employees. This approach means that we put you, our employees, first.

We believe that by fostering a culture of caring and purpose, our employees can enjoy coming to work and can stay and grow with 7am. After all, we spend so much time at work so why not make it enjoyable?

If this still sounds like a place you would like to work at, please reach out to us.

We are team-oriented. We want you to succeed. Your success is our success.
Fair wages.png
We pay fair hourly wages & tips in our area is very good
No chemicals.png
We are a non-toxic nail salon.
No harmful chemical smell.
No dust shavings in the air.
Organic products: You don't have to risk your health to be here.
Grow with us.png
We think long-term. We want you to grow with us!

Our Core Values / Principles

The vision and mission set out a destination for our journey. And while we cannot lose track of the destination, to get there, it is equally important for us to focus on one service, one personal connection, one moment of joy, at a time. The core values help us maintain this focus.

The below core values are the principles that are most important to us today. This list is organic and as 7 AM grows, the list will evolve. Nevertheless, we believe in identifying them as a starting point because they act as our guardrails to help us move toward our vision.


One of our favorite stories is when president John F. Kennedy visited NASA headquarters, he saw a janitor and asked him what he did at NASA. The janitor replied:

Mr. President, I’m helping put a man on the moon!

Using this story as inspiration, our goal is to build a culture where our partners can proudly say

I'm helping elevate the nail salon industry...

  1. By acting with integrity and sincerity,

  2. By delivering great customer services to clients and partners,

  3. By building a positive team spirit, 

  4. By striving for excellence, 

  5. By pursuing growth and learning, 

  6. By thinking of new ways to elevate the nail industry, and

  7. By prioritizing the long-term vision over any short-term target, always.

There’s no doubt that the journey toward this goal is long and difficult. However, when we each look at ourselves in the mirror and ask “Is this something worth doing even if I fail?”

The answer was a resolute “yes.”

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