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Our Services

At 7am, we strive to deliver nail care services in the cleanest and safest working environment possible. Our products are organics. Our tools are sterilized after each use. Our supplies are single-use only. And our pedicure bowls are washed and dried for at least 30 minutes between services. 

With everything, our goal is to elevate the nail industry

No-Chip Manicure ($49)

The Classic Manicure is topped off with your choice of organic gel polish. This service is protected for at least 10 days by our commitment to quality. 

(+$10 for gel-remover, if needed)

Classic Manicure ($27)

You can't go wrong with a classic.

Nails are finished with your choice of non-toxic polish.

(+$8 for Dazzle Dry)

Full-Service Pedicure ($59)

Revitalize your hard-working feet with a natural mineral sea salt soak, callus treatment & exfoliate with a sugar scrub. To finish, a soothing foot massage with eucalyptus lotion, topped off with a perfect polish of choice.

(+$8 for Dazzle Dry)

SPORTS Pedicure ($69)

Do you jog? run? ride? workout? chase after your dog? run errands all day? Or do you just like to be on your feet while working from home? 

Whatever your days look like, tension has been building up under your feet all day. Feel them slip away while you enjoy a complete foot care treatment and topped off with paraffin treatment, a hot towel, and a gentle massage.

LUXE Pedicure ($75)

This is our best service yet: Soak your hard-working feet in essential oil and natural mineral sea salt soak, cuticle repair, callus treatment, exfoliate with a sugar scrub, paraffin wax, buffing & shaping. 

To finish, a soothing foot massage with lavender lotion, topped off with a perfect polish of your choice. This is nothing less than what your feet deserve.

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