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       let's elevate the nail industry

The 7am's Commitment:

No fumes, no acrylic dust, just clean 

We use organic products

Medical-Grade Sterilization of All Tools

Open early 

at 7 am by appointment

Jet-less pedicure = no fungal risk 

Dazzle Dry, Madam Glam, and more

Single-use of disposable tools 

We believe that our customers should not
have to choose between their health and self-care,

they should be able to choose both.

We believe that our employees should not have to choose to either work in a fun, supportive environment or to make a good living,
they should be able to choose both.

When deciding between providing the best customer service experience and the most hygienic working condition possible,
we chose both.

We are committed to being the in-between choice for our customers and employees. 
So, choose both! Choose 7 am.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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