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The 7am Membership


Why become a member?

We are building 7am around our Members and we are committed to adding more value to this membership over time.


Currently, the benefits are:

  1. TWO services per month (credits), mix and match our No-Chip manicures with our full-service Pedicures.

  2. Classic manicures are considered 1/2 credits. So you can get TWO classic manicures AND a Pedicure each month. 

  3. Members receive COMPLIMENTARY soak-offs ($10 value) and Dazzle Dry upgrades ($8 value) on every visit.

  4. 25% OFF on any additional services during the month

  5. Let us help celebrate your birthday, you will get an additional treat from us.  

  6. You can freeze the membership and cancel anytime.

Sign up for our Membership with the "Become a Member" link. 

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