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Why Appointment Only?

A question we often get asked is “why the appointment-only model?”

While it can be nice to take an impromptu trip to the nail salon, you run the risk of wait times, a rushed experience, and a more stressful visit overall.

Many conventional salons unfortunately pit employees against each other by paying their technicians by customer, often comprising attention to detail and an overall sense of community amongst workers.

We want our valued employees and customers to feel at ease upon entering 7am. This means scheduling appointments in advance so we can respect everyone’s time and give each person the quality in experience and result that they deserve. It is also crucial that our technicians are paid fair wages for their hard work. The appointment model creates an even playing field so we can spread the love and ensure all of our incredible employees have time with our customers.

We pride ourselves in the preparation of our appointments as much as we do the nail care itself. Prior to each appointment slot, we take medical-grade health and safety precautions to ensure our tools, tubs, chairs, and tables are sterilized and safe for each person who walks through the door. Given that so many salons are rushing people in and out, there is a greater risk of infection and bacterial growth. Avoid the risk and come at book your appointment at 7am!

Lastly, many of our 300+ five star reviews mention how impressed they were with the care that goes into each appointment and the fact that their polish lasts at least two weeks. From homemade sugar scrubs to hot paraffin wax to organic cuticle oil, grab a complimentary sparkling water and enjoy a manicure with care that LASTS (:

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