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Will you be our Valentine?

Whether you plan on celebrating Valentine‘s Day (or Galentine‘s) with a significant other, family member, or close friends - this holiday is more than chocolates, hearts and romantic dinners - Valentine‘s is the perfect opportunity to show show and appreciation for others.

We could not be more grateful to have you as a part of our 7am community. From bridal parties to birthdays to last minute appointments after a long day at the office, we want to be a regular part of your wellness routine.

We cater to every occasion and person because everyone deserves a space where they feel welcome, relaxed, and can invest in themselves.

That being said, the season of love is the perfect time to show yourself and others a little extra care.

In need of a fresh manicure before date night? We’ve got it covered?

Looking to treat your partner to a couple’s pedicure? No problem.

Getting together with your girlfriends for a Galentine‘s self care day? Stop by!

Wishing you a very happy V-Day. We would not be able to grow and elevate the nail industry without your support!

Xoxo 7am

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