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Create a Peaceful Life from the Inside-Out

Man·tra (noun): originally in Hinduism and Buddhism, a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation

While it is temping to jump on the latest health trend, be it an infrared sauna, red light mask, green juice, or expensive gym membership, there is a lot of truth in the statement that true peace of mind can be achieved for free.

Enter mantras. It is astonishing how such simple messages can carry such meaning and strength. Not only do mantras clear the mind of unhelpful thoughts or clutter accumulated from living in hustle culture, but positive incantations give us permission to set healthy boundaries and remind us of our potential & power. Just because it might seem like the "right" thing to constantly work harder, be friends with everyone, or look a certain way does not mean those things are aligned with your highest self. Protect your energy. Invest it in yourself, trusted loved ones, and causes you feel passionate about.

There is no magic ticket, but there are some phrases that we can lean on when our body, mind, and surroundings are telling us to do different things. By thinking certain mantras and actively saying them out loud, we have the power to realign these three elements rather than staying stuck in your own mind where the line between "should" and "want" can get blurry.

With that said, here is a list of empowering mantras to get started:

Life expands in congruence with courage.

Do not strive for perfection. Rather, be informed and empowered in your decision making.

The body hears everything the mind says.

Making empowered decisions that allow you to thrive and feel your best is not restriction. It’s the highest form of self respect.

You can’t heal a body you hate.

Decisions made out of fear will never allow you to flourish.

Empowered decisions are born out of self respect.

Knowledge is your greatest weapon again the “noise” - anything that pulls you away from listening to yourself.

At 7am, we allow our core values of sincerity, positivity, growth, and learning to guide us and create a culture of connectivity at all three of our salons.

Investing in self care is always a fun and relaxing way to create peace in our lives, but our mindset sets the foundation. Let this be your reminder to speak kindly to yourself and know that so many health tools are at our disposal. And a fresh manicure is always a nice touch! (:

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