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Gender-Inclusive Nail Care

Manicures and pedicures are often touted as female forms of self-care leading up to a wedding or beach vacation. 7am wants to rebrand nail care as something that extends beyond polish and gender - nail care is about personal hygiene, relaxation, and community.

Whether you come in for a regular manicure, no-chip, sports pedicure, there are so many benefits to regular nail maintenance. Regular nail care, with the proper non-toxic products, is essential for preventing uncomfortable calluses, fungi, and infections. Routine visits to the salon will also improve nail beds and promote long, strong nails. Buffing dead skin cells with an in-house scrub and locking in moisture with organic and vegan cuticle oil and hand cream also work to gently remove calluses and prevent blisters.

So why choose 7am over traditional salons?

Health and safety come first.

Many salons lack ventilation systems and safety equipment, leading to eye problems, asthma, and reproductive issues for many workers, and there is a lack of enforcement and consequences to prioritize workers’ and customers’ health.

All polishes and products at 7am are never tested on animals and free of animal byproducts and formulated with vegan alternatives for carmine, guanine, urea, stearic acid, lanolin, glycerin, collagen and beeswax. They are free from the 21 most toxic chemicals found in polishes and use eco-conscious materials and facilitates that prioritize sustainable packaging & shipping. Tables, chairs, tubs, and all materials are also held to the highest sanitation standards.

7am Nail Care is also creating an experience for clients.

Whether it is a couple’s pedicure, bachelorette event, birthday, or just treating one’s self on a lunch break, 7am offers a tranquil space where customers can unwind (complimentary sparkling water in hand). Community matters, which is why employees and customers are treated with care and respect always.

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