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Gifting Experiences

We are counting the days until the holiday extravaganza officially kicks off. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Valentines….

Whatever holiday you may be celebrating, it is no secret that fall and winter are seasons during which gift giving is on everyone’s mind. It can be so stressful to think of the perfect time for a special person in your life while not wanting to add on top of a growing pile of clutter.

Now more than ever, people seem to be waking up to what is really important: spending quality time with the people we love. After years of social distancing, we are craving experiences over expensive items, memories over mementoes, and self-care over status.

Whether you want to invest in a spa service, weekend getaway, or concert ticket, these are the things that spark meaningful joy, strengthen connections, and create lasting memories.

At 7am Nail Care, we pride ourselves on creating an enirnmoment where community, rest, and rejuvenation are all valued. We not only provide a service, but an experience. Treat a friend, parther, or family member to a membership package or single service. Better yet, join them!

As a reminder, the 7 AM Membership gives you TWO CREDITS per month (click the link to gift yourself or a loved one a package).

  • The credits can be used for either a pedicure or a no-chip manicure (gel-remover is included).

  • The two services are interchangeable.

  • A classic manicure is 1/2 credit.

  • Any additional service is 25% off.

Whether or not this is the gift you had in mind, consider the ways in which you can create lasting happiness this holiday season with experiences.

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