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Green-Washed and Confused

Although investing in a non-toxic lifestyle is at the foundation of our health, the marketplace has commercialized this shift toward clean and green household, food, and personal care products by making flashy claims on the front label or through “nature-oriented“ packaging.

Let’s dive deeper into the importance of being our OWN health advocates by learning what ingredients to avoid, how to read a product label, and different strategies to do to the best we can with the resources we have.

There are multiple areas of concern including water quality, food sourcing, etc., but let’s focus on the following areas that are free and simple:

  • Environmental Health

  • Ingredient Safety

At 7am Nail care, we create an environment free of toxic fumes or dust from dip powder. We have medical grade sterilization. We invest in brands that prioritize sustainability and safe ingredients.

We also want you to feel safe and comfortable outside of our salon. Unfortunately we cannot simply trust the front of the package because terms like “natural” and “organic” (only the term “certified organic” is regulated) are green-washing terms that are meant to trick consumers. Keep in mind to turn over products to ensure they do not contain the following ingredients:

  1. Fragrance (this is usually a chemical cocktail, so opt for essential oils!)

  2. Formaldehyde

  3. Paraformaldehyde

  4. Methylene glycol

  5. Quanternium 15

  6. Mercury

  7. Dibutyl

  8. Diethylhexyl

  9. Isobutyl parabens

  10. isopropyl parabens

  11. PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl)

  12. M-phenylenediamine

  13. O-phenylenediamine

  14. Hydraquinone

  15. Triclosan

  16. lactic, glycolic, AHA and BHA acids and their “Live Healthy” app is another tool to use that makes non-toxic living more accessible. They provide toxicity rating based on a comprehensive list of criteria like allergy risk, cancer risk, and environmental safety for household, food, and personal care products. You can even scan the label of products in the store to see the rating so you can be as informed as possible.

It‘s time to invest in knowledge over green-washing! If that means staying up to date on all things 7am, even better (:


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