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Playing the Long Game

At 7am Nails, our goal is to elevate the nail industry “by prioritizing the long-term vision over any short-term target, always.”

We aspire to reach this goal by fostering a people-first culture. We believe that the only way to create happy customers is to have happy employees. This approach means that we prioritize our employees’ physical, mental and emotional needs.

The Dark Side of the Nail Industry

The chemicals used in conventional polishes are not only a danger to the customer’s health, but puts employees at greater risk for major health concerns as they breathe in the fumes from the polish for hours on end each day. Many salons also lack ventilation systems and safety equipment, leading to eye problems, asthma, and reproductive issues for many workers, and there is a lack of enforcement and consequences to prioritize workers’ health (Teen Vogue, 2019).

Unfortunately, the exploitation of workers in the nail industry does not end there.

A 2018 national study on nail salon workers by the University of California-Los Angeles Labor Center found there were nearly 17,000 workers across New York State, mostly women and immigrants, who are working 10-12 hours a day to make less than minimum wage (The Progressive Magazine, 2020). Additionally, a report by the New York Nail Salon Workers Association released a survey of workers earning less than minimum wage because they were experiencing wage theft - their employers taking advantage of the fact that many workers were unaware of their wage rights.

Here at 7am Nails, we believe that by fostering a culture of caring and purpose, our employees can enjoy coming to work and can stay and grow with 7am. After all, we spend so much time at work so why not make it enjoyable?

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