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Polish What We Preach

At 7am Nails, our goal is to elevate the nail industry “by acting with integrity and sincerity.”

Here at 7am, creating a safe and healthy environment for both employees and customers begins with choosing non-toxic, organic products. With Autumn right around the corner and many people looking to change up their polish, it is important to know the WHAT and WHY behind salon products.

Unfortunately, conventional polishes in recent studies released by the Hoffman Program on Chemicals and Health are linked to as a manicurist in the primarily “reproductive harms, respiratory damage, sensitization, and other health effects” (Ceballos,

2017). The inadequate regulation of chemicals and labels raise severe health concerns for customers, and particularly workers, who are regularly exposed to the fumes and debris.

To make matters worse, nail polish brands will not disclose all of their ingredients on Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for chemical hazard information. Under the guise of “fragrance” or other vague terms, many brands can get away with hiding more toxic ingredients in their products.

Our Polishes

Now that we know the WHY behind choosing non-toxic polishes, let’s get into WHAT we be choosing instead. Here is a look at the regular and no-chip polishes you will find at 7am:

1. Madam Glam

❖ Vegan

❖ No harmful chemicals

❖ Cruelty Free

❖ Palm Oil Free

2. Orly

❖ Vegan

❖ Cruelty Free

❖ No harmful chemicals

❖ Made in LA

3. Dazzle Dry

❖ Eco friendly

❖ Vegan

❖ Cruelty Free

❖ No harmful chemicals

These polishes are never tested on animals and free of animal byproducts and formulated with vegan alternatives for carmine, guanine, urea, stearic acid, lanolin, glycerin, collagen and beeswax. They are free from the 21 most toxic chemicals found in polishes and use eco-conscious materials and facilities that prioritize sustainable packaging & shipping.

References Cited

Ceballos, Diana. 2017. “The Continual Regrettable Substitution of Nail Polish Ingredients.” Hoffman Program on Chemicals and Health.

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