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Refining Your Space

What is the key ingredient to a calm environment?

Refining the space.

Many of us are living in apartments, condos, or homes. Space & budget may be limited, or maybe there is just too much space you don’t know where to begin.

Although everyone‘s drawn to different styles, colors, and spaces, there is something to be said for reducing clutter, opening up spaces of every size, creating a streamlined and elegant look.

At 7am Nail Care, we have taken the time to curate our salon to make it as soothing, open, and refreshing as possible. Light walls, plants, neutral tones, sparking waters, and all without the smell of harsh chemicals or nail drills. Ambiance matters. Our employees‘ workspace matters. Our customers‘ experience matters.

Here are some of our tips and tricks for curating YOUR space beyond the salon.

First things first, ambiance.

  1. Candles can be very expensive, but stores like Aldi and Trader Joe’s often have a wide variety for five dollars or less. Floral, citrus, and herbal scents really help to ground an urban apartment.

  2. Essential oils. Eucalyptus, cedar, lavender, rosemary - whatever your heart desires! These scents in particular are known to be cleansing and calming. If you don’t want to invest in a fancy diffuser which range between 50-150 dollars, just mix a few drops of oil into your favorite surface cleaner to get the same effect.

  3. Incense. Burning essence or sage, whether you believe in its energy-clearing effects or not, smells like a campfire or forest. This is like a breath of fresh air, even in a 500 square foot studio.


  1. Clear anything off your kitchen cabinets or bathroom shelves that you do not use every day. In a small space, any surface clutter closes out the space and distracts the eye. You will be amazed how an open counter makes the room feel bigger. It is also free.

  2. Place blankets or sweaters in woven baskets. No need to break the bank here, you can find woven baskets at Homegoods or Aldi for less than ten dollars. This not only cleans up your living space, but stylish storage always elevates a room.

  3. Purge, purge, purge! Grab a garbage bag and go in. There are often donation bins around every corner in big cities, but also think about gifting anything you have not used in the past year to friends or family. Any excess clutter we are holding onto just in case is not only physically weighing us down, but can overwhelm us internally.

Now lets get into the fun part, decor!

  1. A bag of lemons at the market is often five dollars or less if you shop at a budget-friendly market. I say lemons because limes are more expensive. Grab a big bowl from your kitchen, fill it with the lemons, and you have a centerpiece!

  2. Flowers can really get up there in price, so I have gotten into buying greenery like eucalyptus, magnolia leaves, or just anything I can find to create a fresh look. I like to use old wine glasses for larger stems and mason jars for anything with shorter stems. The contrast also creates an added layer of interest given that all the plants are the same color.

  3. Pick up some metal or stick-on hooks to hang up any sun hats, visors, or scarves by a bare door or wall. Using our own resources as decoration is cost-efficient, practical, and reduces the need to go out an buy more stuff. We have plenty of options in our own closets.

  4. Use mason jars of different sizes to hold wooden spoons, spices, or use as a soap dispenser.

Best places to look:

  1. Trader Joe’s - greenery ($8+), candles (under $10), lemons (under $5)

  2. Aldi - baskets ($10), candles ($5-8), diffusers ($7), mason jars (under $5), vase or bowel for lemons or citrus (under $10)

  3. Public Goods - your one stop shop for nontoxic cleaners, tree free paper products, kitchen essentials, bathroom supplies, towels and linens, essential oils, and even live plants!

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