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Review Highlight!

We take pride in our customer feedback, and with nearly 300 five star reviews, we take more pride in knowing each and every person who enters our salon feels seen and valued.

A pillar of 7am is respect for our employees and customers, and with respect comes attention to detail, professionalism, personalization, and safety.

That being said, we love a review that provides specific feedback like the one below so we can learn and grow.

I love 7am nails. I live in the area and I wouldn't go anywhere else. I give this 5 stars for several reasons:

The staff is very nice. Especially the front desk guy! He always makes me feel very welcomed.

The membership is amazing and saves me so much money! I look forward to getting my nails done every time. I go 2-4 times a month

They offer free La croix and it makes the appointment so fun

The aesthetic. They have such a cute space and I love that they post their core values on the wall

We aim to provide excellent customer service, value through our membership model, FUN, and a clean and relaxing atmosphere. Having our beloved customers note these touchstones for our business means the world.

Whether you are a regular guest or thinking about giving us a try, don’t take our word for it - our COMMUNITY could say it better than we ever could!

Xx 7am Nail Care

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