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Spring Cleaning

Spring time is finally here and we are here for it!

The warm sunny days that break up the bone-chilling winter air, we are swapping our sweaters for comfy Ts, and it is the perfect time to do a little bit of a life audit as we freshen up for the summer months.

Here are some tips to get us started:


  • Donate all unused clothing and items

  • Let in fresh air through the window

  • Clean out expired items in fridge

  • Treat yourself to some fresh flowers or plants


  • Unsubscribe to junk mail

  • Unfollow or mute accounts that are not lighting you up

  • Set time limits on


  • Try shopping for fresh produce at the farmer’s market

  • Learn a new skill like painting or yoga

  • Read a book in the sunshine when you feel like scrolling on social media

  • Commit to personal hygiene and clean beauty - an appointment at 7am Nail Care is a great place to start (:

Just remember that each season brings new opportunities to live in a way that serves us mentally, emotionally, and physically. That being said, there is no better time than the season of new life and beginnings to reconnect with ourselves and the people around us.

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