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Sunshine and Self-Care

This 80 degree weather has us craving more time outdoors, fresh foods, and community…and we are here for it! For some, this means taking in the water, sand, and breeze that make up the perfect beach day. For others, this means shopping the local farmer’s market on a brisk Saturday morning. Maybe your ideal summer day is lounging in a hammock or sitting down with a good book.

At 7am, we celebrate what makes you feel and look vibrant. That being said, we are all about enjoying these warm weather days to the fullest, and coming prepared with some essential items and activities that keep us in the present moment.

We love tools and tips that protect us and the planet, so let’s kick off summer the 7am way!

Beach Bash

  • Stasher bags are ideal for keeping pre-cut veggies and fruit fresh, nuts, and sandwiches on hand without having to worry about freshness or plastic. These silicone tightly sealed bags come in a variety of fun summer colors and sizes.



  • Reusable market bags and produce bags can hold everything from fresh food to towels. Canvas bags are sturdy enough for the heaviest items and prevent the use of plastic bags.

  • Mineral-based sunscreen with hydrating ingredients will keep your skin safe and nourished. Using zinc-oxide and hydrating ingredients like shea, hyaluronic acid, and natural oils protect from sun damage without the chemicals!

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! A big water bottle is essential for the summer heat.

Fresh Foods for the Win

  • Farmer’s markets offer more than fresh produce. As a business with an emphasis on community and non-toxic lifestyle, supporting local farmers is a non-brainer. The produce is seasonal, organic, and small-scale…and often tastes better than anything we can find in the conventIonal market! We can feel good knowing that we are supporting local and knowing the where our food comes from.

Last but not least, resist the urge to feel like summer requires you to look a certain way. We are all about self-care and feeling beautiful, but beauty does not come in a certain size, color, or age. What happens inside translates on the outside. At 7am, we want to redefine beauty as loving our insides and reflecting that outwardly.

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