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Sustainability is Not a Trend

Combatting climate change and making an effort to protect the one planet we have is more than a social media trend, it is foundational to a healthy life and ecosystem.

At 7am, sustainability more than label - it is the standard.

Not only do we only use organic and non-toxic products, but invest in brands that put the planet first. Our polishes are never tested on animals and free of animal byproducts and formulated with vegan alternatives for carmine, guanine, urea, stearic acid, lanolin, glycerin, collagen and beeswax. They are free from the 21 most toxic chemicals found in polishes and use eco-conscious materials and facilities that prioritize sustainable packaging & shipping.

We also choose one-stop-shop companies like Public Goods to buy our soaps and lotions because they plant one tree for every purchase and use recycled materials for many of their products to avoid the use of paper and single-use products.

So what can be done to integrate sustainability into your daily life (besides choosing 7am Nail care of course)? Here are some fun ideas to get started!

First things first, recycle! Clean out plastic, glass, and metal containers first beforehand.

Ditch single use plastics by:

  • Drinking out of reusable water bottles

  • Using reusable shopping bags over plastic bags

Reuse glass containers for:

  • Fermenting (homemade kraut, kombucha)

  • Pickling veggies

  • Bone broth

  • Chia Pudding

  • Overnight oats

  • Smoothie jar

  • Salad jar

  • Fill with chopped veggies and water to keep crisp

  • Layered dip

  • Soup mix

  • Holding utilities

  • DIY candle holders

Avoid fast fashion, and invest in sustainable brands:

  • Rothy’s shoes and bags are made from recycled plastic bottles

  • Reformation, Everlane, and Girlfriend Collective are leading the charge in carbon neutral shipping and quality, eco friendly materials

  • Public Goods, Grove, and Branch Basics are changing the game in terms of tree-free paper products, sustainable shipping, and refillable nontoxic cleaning products!

We are playing the long game here, and every little effort counts (:

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