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Nail Care is Self Care

For most of us, the first thing to come to mind when we think of the nail industry is “beauty,” but at 7am, we set out to elevate the nail industry by fostering a people-first, self-care culture.

Nail care is a vital form of self care and personal hygiene that extends beyond polish color. Regular nail care, with the proper non-toxic products, is essential for preventing uncomfortable calluses, fungi, and infections. Routine visits will also improve nail beds and promote long, strong nails.

For customers, 7am is the “in-between choice.” Customers often face the choice of having to go to a high-end nail salon where the space is impeccably clean, but the technicians do not get a good enough reputation, or go to a neighborhood salon where quick turnover raises sanitation concerns. 7am fills this gap by offering services in the cleanest and safest working environment possible.

In addition to the hygienic benefits, consider every appointment at 7am as self care at its finest. Enjoy complimentary sparkling water, soothing music, comfortable chairs, and the sleek salon design without the harsh chemical smells. Our employees are paid fairly and operate in a team-centric environment, so you will never feel rushed.

We want you to join our 7am community and welcome you with open arms, quality service, and a moment for YOU.

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